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2001 theme: Dream to be

The fourth STYLEAID saw another increase in the number of guests attending the event from 450 to 500 guests and was once again held at the Hyatt Regency Perth in the grand ballroom.

The theme for 2001 was "Dream to Be" and featured the delightful Emma Booth (One of WA's top models, who would go on to become an award nominated film actor) and Dennis from Viviens who featured as the angel in all of the event imagery. For a second year the STYLEAID magazine won a gold medal at the Printing Industry Awards for excellence.

2001 was also the first year of involvement of M.A.C with them signing on as donors of all the profits from the sale of the VIVA Glam lipsticks in Perth to come directly to the WA AIDS Council and to be the official make up provider for the event - a partnership that continues today!

STYLEAID 2001: Dream to be

Venue &

Major sponsors for the event were: Hyatt Regency Perth, AVLA, Canadian Club, Moet & Chandon, Chateau Xanadu, Jaguar, Koro Fine Australian Jewellery, Lionel Samson, Network Ten, San Pellegrino, Schwartzkopf, STA Travel, Vogue and Xpress Magazine.


The STYLEAID committee for the 2001 event was made up of: Aly May, Paul O'Connor, Mark Reid (who had moved into the Fundraising coordinator/STYLEAID Event management role),Shane Munson, Annette Hasluck, Joanna Calder, Tonia McNeilly, Jane Hough, Dina Allen, Jackie Sklenka, Dominique Monteleone, Emma Phillips, Paul McClurg and Hendra Widjaja.


STYLEAID 2001 Magazine Cover

This was also the first year that the tag line "Until There's A Cure" was first used in association with the event and guests were reminded of the reason for STYLEAID with the following passage that was included in the STYLEAID programme that was changed once again with a special die cut look and once again spiral bound.

"Recently we passed the 20th Anniversary of HIV/AIDS In the world. This epidemic has touched all of us in some way over the past 20 years and recently a young black boy with AIDS in South Africa touched the hearts of the world."

"We are human beings, we can walk, we can talk, we have hands, we have feet just like everyone else, we are all the same." So began the plea for acceptance from Nkosi Johnson when he stole the hearts of the world at the International AIDS Conference in Durban.

Nkosi was born with HIV and lost his mother to the disease. Nelson Mandela has described him as 'an icon for the struggle for life.'

This young man with the sparkling personality has struggled to overcome the dreadful reality of his condition and recently said: "I feel like I'm going to die quickly, like my mother died, very soon, but at least she got to be a grown up, I hate having this disease."

"Nkosi sadly died early on June 1 in his sleep, he had collapsed in early December from AIDS related brain damage.

His plight reminds us that HIV/AIDS is still a part of all of our lives and it is up to us all to join together to make a difference... until there's a cure."


The hosts for the event this year were Daniel MacPherson and Tottie Goldsmith and featured another performance by the WA Ballet as well as a string quartet from the West Australian Symphony.

Xpress magazine produced a CD of specially produced electronic music that was presented to all guests on the night.

Due to a mix up with the delivery the latest menswear collection from the boys from tsubi did not arrive in time for the show and in what would become a highlight of the night, stylist Aly May sent the male models down the runway with pom poms and the TSUBI written on their backs.


This was the year that saw Nectar Imperial from Moet & Chandon make its Perth debut at STYLEAID to much fanfare and with a specially choreographed presentation to guests attending.

Designers showcasing their latest collections this year were: Aurelio Costarella, Munk, Alex Perry, Megan Salmon, Avatar with Tania Tehan, Tsubi, Morrissey, Blanchet, Robin Alexander, su, ae'lkemi, C Design, i67, Ace, Narelle Dore, Ruth Tarvydas, Breathlesselfth, Sachi, Periscope, Shane Munson designs, Paablo Nevada, Peter Alexander and Pretty Woman & William.

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Friday 4 August, 2017
7pm - midnight
Crown Ballroom
Crown Towers Perth
Black Tie

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